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5x5 storage unit

The contents of a large closet can fit within a 5x5 self storage unit. Think chairs, small bookcases, suitcases and lamps. 5x5 storage units are also a great option for seasonal storage of holiday decorations, sports equipment and clothing.

5x10 storage unit

Our 5x10 storage units can typically hold the contents of one mid-sized bedroom, including several boxes or storage containers. In total, you can store one or two large pieces of furniture in 5x10 self storage, perfect for a college dorm room or studio apartment.

10x10 storage unit

A 10x10 unit is a good size for the stuff found in two bedrooms, an entire family room or a modest one- or two-bedroom apartment. A few large pieces of large furniture can easily be stored in a 10x10 storage unit as well as couches, dining room sets and boxes.

10x15 storage unit

Able to fit up to four rooms worth of your belongings, our 10x15 self storage units are the perfect solution for storing larger items such as living room furniture or sizable appliances. Our 10x15 units work well for storing the contents of most standard-size homes or full apartments, including items such as big-screen TVs, tables, couches and several medium or large-size boxes.

10x20 storage unit

A 10x20 storage unit is great for storing contents of a multi-bedroom home, about up to five rooms of space. Larger items like living room furniture, patio furniture, full-sized appliances and more fit inside these units. 10x20 storage units also work well for storing large quantities of boxes or outdoor equipment.

10x25 storage unit

Our 10x25 self storage units can fit a variety of items and can potentially store the contents of up to six rooms. Whether you need a long-term storage solution for your patio furniture during the off-season or a unit for your large furniture, appliances and moving boxes, a 10x25 storage unit could be the perfect option for your stuff.